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How Does AutoSense Price Their Cars?

This seems to be a matter of some debate. In this area it seems that Haggling is still a required thing. It puzzles me a bit. Most people agree that they don’t like the old way of selling used cars, but don’t want to, or can’t believe that a car is priced well. It doesn’t matter how “below market price”, our used car or truck is. People always offer less. Honestly it’s frustrating becuase we go through so much work to be sure that we aren’t over priced. I feel that we need to give anyone that reads this an explaination. Autosense is designed from the beginning to give you a very low price. How do we do that?

Every used car, truck, suv, or minivan on our lot, has a sticker price. That’s not just some made up number here at Autosense. It’s the NADA Retail value of that car. Feel free to look it up. It’s the truth. From day one every car has a certified below market price that’s put on the cars windshield. That’s the price that you can pay for it. It’s really easy… No Haggle…We’ve done the leg work for you. Our General Manager spends hours online each day researching prices and actually has a program that can pull up every car with the same options listed online around the area… within a specified radius. Then we price it less… every time. We know right up front the flaws. We took that into consideration when we bought it. Same as you do. You may find a similar vehicle for less. But there will always be a reason why…less options, more miles, possibly a troubled past.

1. Cost control – Our sales people are not commissioned. How is that a benefit to you? When you don’t have to pay a big commission to a salesperson you can control your mark up, also its been proven that salespeople are less pushy when they don’t have to stress about getting paid. And you can rest assured they are looking out for your best interest. In fact the only way our sales people get a bonus is you, the guest put in writing how happy you were about your experience.

Also our service department is here to facilitate the used vehicle sales department, not the other way around like some of the larger dealerships. What I mean by that is we don’t try to over pack service into the cost of our cars. We are able to more affordably repair what needs to be done to a car right up front, and do it right without skipping corners because it costs to much… End result. You get a better car for a better price.

2. We don’t over staff – The more employees that are on payroll the more you have to charge for your goods. Overhead reflects in price. We have a Certified Mechanic, A professional used car detailer. A guest liason ( sales person ) an office manager, and a general manager. We are all cross trained to help each other in each job, if need arises, or demand for one service over the other is heavier one day over the other. We don’t have a cleaning staff… at least not yet. We all do the job so we can keep our prices low. You can walk into our showroom any day of the week. It’s clean and very professional looking. If it’s not. let our general manager know. We will take care of it. It’s all about efficiency which in turn saves you money.

I know that trust is a big thing… But give us the opportunity. We really do put our guests interests in the forefront of everything we do.

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