Oil Changes and Autosense

October 2nd, 2020 by

Oil is a vehicle’s lifeblood and requires consistent upkeep and maintenance unlike any other area of a car. However, it often gets neglected leading to more severe vehicle issues or prolonged wear. Our team at AutoSense in Plover Wisconsin, makes it easy for drivers to remember when they need an oil change in Stevens Point, WI with its unmatched service and convenient online scheduling.
Our Service Department is backed by specially trained service technicians who dedicate their careers to keeping drivers safe and excited behind the wheel. From routine maintenance like oil changes to full-on engine repairs, these specialists have the knowledge and skill sets to keep each vehicle running efficiently for years to come.

As previously mentioned, oil is one of the most integral elements of a vehicle’s performance. When it isn’t properly cared for, it can create expensive and dangerous challenges for the vehicle and its driver.
Drivers who care about their cars should care about oil changes. Oil protects the engine and all of its parts by keeping them lubricated and cool during operation. Additionally, oil moves throughout the vehicle to keep all of its parts clean and free from corrosion to improve performance and increase fuel efficiency. As oil gets older, its vital additives deplenish, making the oil degrade and the processes it runs work harder than they need to. The question is simple – would you rather pay for an oil change or a new car?

We understand that car maintenance can be costly, which is why we not only strive to offer leading car maintenance prices in Stevens Point, WI, but we also offer coupons to lower the cost of vehicle services.
At AutoSense we always offer a new set of service specials specials to lighten the load of car maintenance prices. Whether the coupon offers a discount solely on an oil change or bundles that service with another, drivers are able to take advantage of these offers as well as schedule a corresponding service appointment online at their convenience. To learn more about the services offered here at AutoSense, contact us today.

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