Does your car have a timing belt.

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Vehicle maintenance can be an overwhelming task when you aren’t familiar with all of the vehicle’s various parts and functions. AutoSense of Plover is sharing tips on how to take care of one of the more unfamiliar maintenance tasks — timing belt and water pump replacement in Stevens Point, WI.
Your Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagon, or what ever your brand is comprised of many moving parts and functions, which means there are several areas of which drivers need to be mindful in order to ensure their vehicles are operating properly. One area that often gets overlooked is timing belt and water pump replacement. A broken timing belt can be damaging to your vehicle’s engine, but the team at AutoSense of Plover has the tools and specialists on hand to perform these replacements and keep your vehicle on the road for many years to come.

Each vehicle is different and requires distinct maintenance. In order to make sure the service is performed at the correct times, drivers can consult their owner’s manuals for detailed maintenance schedules.
According to a Honda maintenance schedule, a Honda’s timing belt and water pump needs to be inspected and/or replaced every 84 months or with every 105,000 miles traveled. Most Volkswagens are at 120,000. Every manufacturer is different. Under normal driving conditions there are several other maintenance tasks that need to be performed — replace engine oil, rotate tires, replace engine oil filter, check all fluid levels, etc. However, Wisconsin experiences several harsh driving conditions, which means drivers have to perform more intensive vehicle servicing, or maintenance is required more often due to the cold and the salt.

The team at AutoSense is equipped to perform any maintenance task your vehicle could ever need to keep its performance intact.
Each service professional at AutoSense of Plover, is outfitted with the knowledge to take on any maintenance task drivers may need performed. From knowing when the vehicle needs maintenance done to knowing exactly how to complete it efficiently and accurately, the professionals at AutoSense are second to none. To schedule a maintenance appointment today, contact our dealership online or by phone.

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